Drive With Us

1. You must be at least 23 years of age. 2. You must have a valid ACTIVE Colorado driver’s license 3. You must pass a national FBI fingerprint-based background check 4. You must have 3 or more years driving in the United States 5. You must have 2 years of experienced winter driving 6. You must possess a good working knowledge of the Denver Metropolitan area 7. You must present a Neat and Clean appearance at all times 8. You must be able to Read, Write, and Understand the English language
• No more than 2 moving violations in the last 3 years (conviction date) • No convictions of a DUI/DWAI in the last 10 years (conviction date) • No convictions of leaving the scene of an accident in the last 3 years (conviction date) • No convictions of careless and/or reckless driving in the last 3 years • (conviction date) • No pattern of unsafe driving If the applicant has driven in another state they will also be required to produce a driving record from any and all previous states at that time. We will run a Colorado background check at a cost of $30 paid with a Money Order by the applicant. We will check this for criminal, drug, alcohol and motor vehicle related offenses. Accident history will be taken into consideration.
• No felony convictions in the last 10 years • No convictions for theft in the last 10 years • No misdemeanor convictions for any of the following in the last 10 years: • Assault, resisting arrest, failure to appear due to a driving offense, or prostitution • No convictions for sex offenses (no time limit) • No convictions (no time limit) for: Vehicular manslaughter, kidnapping, sexual battery/rape, robbery, or trafficking of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute
• Applicants must complete a Taxi Denver contractor application form, indicating previous addresses and previous employers for the last three years • Applicants must complete an in-person interview or attend an orientation/information session. Please bring your current motor vehicle record, drivers’ license, social security card and green card, if applicable. • Applicants must pass a Department Of Transportation physical. The doctor must be authorized to do DOT physicals. Our recommended DOT physician charges $50. • Applicants must obtain a Herdic License from the City of Denver. We will provide the applicant with the Herdic License application, which must be filled out before taking it to the city. This license costs $75. Herdic examinations are only given Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00A.M 11:00A.M, and 2:00P.M at the Office of the Manager of Excise and License: 201 W Colfax Ave Dept 206 Denver, Colorado 80202 720-865-2740 • Applicants must complete training at Taxi Denver, including a road test, classroom sessions, defensive driving, and a mentor ride-along